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Frequently Asked Questions

What does CO2 Target do exactly?

We are specialists in using new technology to reduce our clients’ expenditure on energy.

Who do you work for?

Our clients come from a wide range of sectors and include both public organisations and private companies of all sizes. All are looking for ways to reduce their energy costs and CO2 emissions.

How do you differ from a facilities management company?

We have more specialist knowledge than facilities management companies, who have to be generalists across a wide range of areas. This means they don’t have the time, resources or expertise to stay on top of this very fast moving field. On the other hand, because we are specialists, with an in-depth background in electrical wholesaling, we’re able to undertake the research that allows us to stay on top of the latest technological advances that can transform product ranges virtually overnight. LED technology, for instance, undergoes major advances virtually every six months, with dramatic improvements in lumen output and power consumption.

What areas can you advise us on?

Our specific knowledge of equipment and technical innovations means we can help you with any aspect of reducing your energy consumption and expenditure, including any non-standard requirements you may have. So, from off-grid solutions and advertising installations through to bill validation and smart metering, C02 Target can help.

Will we have to replace our existing equipment?

No. We can re-engineer your existing fittings, for example, so that the latest components and innovations will work with them and you achieve the energy savings you’re looking for, without having to discard kit that is otherwise perfectly serviceable and already in place.

What guarantees do you offer?

Thanks to backing from companies such as GE, our guarantees are as good as any in the market place, so you can feel confident that you will be fully supported when it comes to the quality of any products we fit or specify.

What services do you offer?

We can work with you in one of three ways.

First, we can act as your equipment supplier, leaving you to arrange installation or fitting of the equipment. This may be the right solution if you already have an established relationship with a technical team, but want to make sure that you are fitting equipment that is most appropriate for your needs and will deliver the financial and environmental payback you are looking for.

Or we can take on an entire project, from making an initial assessment of your needs through to undertaking all the necessary works and ensuring that your system is fully functioning from Day One.

We can also work with you on a retained basis for an agreed period. That can be the best solution when what is required is an on-going programme of upgrading of a number of different and diverse projects, perhaps over multiple locations.

What methods do you use?

Because we are able to assess all components of a building, including lighting and renewables, as well as BMS solutions, we can offer our clients the best ‘all round’ energy saving result.

As an example, that could involve fuel conditioning, the installation of superior performance lamps or the use of voltage optimisation equipment, either as standalone solutions or in combination.

To discover how CO2 Target could help you reduce your energy consumption and costs with minimum payback time, call us on 0844 854 9012 or email