Cutting Costs Through Energy Technology Expertise

As specialists in the reduction of commercial energy costs and consumption, CO2 Target provides a service that goes beyond traditional facilities management, which has to encompass a spectrum of activities such as security, cleaning, maintenance, catering, landscaping and hygiene.

By focusing exclusively on helping our clients achieve optimal energy consumption at minimal cost, we have become recognised experts in the field, building on our knowledge as we work on an ever-wider range of projects across all sectors.

This has equipped us to tailor our approach to individual clients, allowing us to create market-leading solutions that precisely match their needs.

Our established relationships with research-led suppliers enable us to identify and evaluate the very latest technology, ensuring our clients benefit from the cutting edge thinking and innovations, long before they becomes mainstream.

This understanding of both existing and emerging technologies, and how they might be brought together, is highly relevant, given the increasing importance of Building Information Modelling (BIM), to which energy management makes a significant contribution.

The energy cost and consumption savings we achieve from the very start of a project mean that we’re able to guarantee exceptionally fast payback time.

So, if you’d like to meet a company that regularly delivers 60%, 70%, even 80% energy cost savings, call CO2 Target on 0844 854 9012 or email